Ceramics are like an "archive" made of clay and purified by fire, in which one can "read" over the centuries about customs, rites and cultic practices, technical achievements, ethical and aesthetic concepts and ethnic characteristics.

In the decorative oevres, we have attempted to reflect with the aid of specific means of the visual arts (signs and simbols) some of the major themes e.g.
the origins of the universe and natural phaenomaena (Big-bang and the Sphere)

Amongst this Simbols the spiral is repeatetly used im many oeuvres (e.g. The Wall, Columns,Sunflower etc.)


În obiectele de artă decorativă am încercat să redau
cu ajutorul mijloacelor specifice artelor vizuale
(semne si simboluri) unele din temele majore,
cum ar fi originile universului şi fenomenele naturale (Big-Bang si "Sfera")

"Altar" - Glazed Faience - 1973

"Floarea Soarelui" - Faianţă parţial aurită - 1974

Wall"(Detail),Modular Forms, Glazed Faience

"Columns", Glazed Faience, 1977

"Păpădie", Faianţă glazurată, 1978

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